Saturday, September 26, 2009

September Stroll

I walk leisurley, my dog happily trotting next to me
the gravel crunches beneath each step
grass hoppers and crickets bound effortlessly before us
we aproach a fork in the road
a man with his dog rides a bike
yelling at his pet to go left
not right!
as the beast crosses the bike's path with his leash
Bear pulls eargerly towards his potential new friends
but the pair is quickly distant
and his eager tugs at the rope will not bring him a step closer.
We turn in the direction we came,
Bear looking back at the friend he lost before they even met.
We walk,
my dog less entergetic now.
It's a cool day but the flaring sun gives no remorse to my canine companions coarse coat.
He pants as my forehead
beneath my wisps of hair which have broken free
We finally are home
He strains towards his food bowl, snorting at finding it empty except for a dead wasp.
I fill his water bowl, and he watches, waiting
I step away, he steps closer
timidly lapping the warm water.
I sit and pet him, teasingly blowing on his ear
he brings his paw to his face and covers his ear
while peeking out from under at me.
I run my hands through his thick, heavy coat
still feeling the left behind rays entangled within
He faces towards me, waiting.
Kisses?I coax, and he gently licks the tip of my nose with his moist muzzle.
He carefully lays in the shade, and this is my signal that we are finished for today
and I walk inside

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