Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Power Week

I've definitely fallen off course with my healthy eating. Last weekend, I managed to devour a huge frapp from Starbucks (with mocha AND caramel on top), a turkey sandwich, a large fry from McDonalds, three cookies, chicken nuggets, a large sprite AND a vanilla ice cream cone. In 2 sittings. Whoops.
Then THIS weekend, I discovered that I'm not an angry, sad or crazy drunk. I just like to EAT. I told my boyfriend and his friend that I was going to the bathroom and I'd be right back. 15 minutes later, I returned with a plate piled high with chocolate chip cookies, chocolate double stuff oreos, a glazed donut, and a variety of other sweets. Oh yeah, and saltines to top it all off. Damn.

Well, it's back to healthy eating. I'm launching myself a Power Week. Back to counting calories, fat, carbs and protein, and revving up my workout routine. I've fallen into a rut. You know, not really pushing myself on the treadmill, getting lazy at the gym, and shrugging off extra calories. Well, not only do I feel increasingly lazy, but I've noticed that my body is just not feeling right. I'm tired, and just out of energy.

SO, this week is my Power Week. I'm going to push myself at each work out, and put in the extra time to prepare healthy meals. I'm also going to be focusing on toning, hopefully I'll see some improvement by the end of the week.

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