Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turkey Tomato Panini

I think sandwiches can be THE most boring lunch ever. It's always the same, 2 pieces of bread, a couple slices of soggy lunch meat, maybe some mustard and mayo. You're finished in what seems like 2 bites, and you're hungry twenty minutes later. Not with this lunch you're not: Turkey and Tomato Panini. Super easy, uber delicious, and ridiculously low cal. Read on my friends.

You're gonna need a Panini press. If you don't have one, you'll need 2 skillets, one cleaned on bottom. When it comes time to cook the panini, simply place the sandwhich over a medium-low skillet, and use the other skillet to press down the sandwhich. When the first side is lightly brown, flip over, and repeat, again using the second skillet to press the sandwich.

Turkey and Tomato Panini

What you'll need:
2 peices of whole wheat bread (I used light wheat, only 40 ((!!!)) calories per slice.)
3-4 hearty slices of deli turkey (I love oven roasted.)
4 1/4 inch slices of tomato
Olive oil

Heat your panini press and lighlty brush it with olive oil. With a mortar and pestal, lightly grind the rosemary and black pepper. You need about a teaspoon of both. Shred the turkey into medium sized pieces and lighlty season with the spices.

Very lightly brush one side of each slice of bread with olive oil, and sprinkle some of the rosemary and pepper combo on top.

Assemble the turkey on the unseasoned side of one slice of bread, and place the slices of tomato in a square pattern.

Place on the panini press, and grill for 3-4 minutes, until golden grill marks have formed.Enjoy! Make this sandwich your own by adding mozzarella or swiss cheese, or switching it up with the spices. 2 pieces of light wheat bread- 80
4 slices tomato-15
turkey- 50
145 Calories total!

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