Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My 10 life Goals

I'm always getting inspired by SOMETHING. Whether it be a book, a quotation, a recipe, a tv program. And today, home sick from work, looking for something to do, I've decided to write out ten things I want to do/goals I want to accomplish. Please feel free to share your ten goals.

1. Open a cafe/art gallery.
2. Go on a photography trip to different countries
3. Write a cook book
4. Live in a loft in a large city
5. Sell at least one photo of mine
6. Go on a missions trip to a 3rd world country
7. Never work a conventional job (NO retail, cubical jobs. I will die if I do, I swear.)
8. Go on a rock climbing/hiking trip in Colorado, California AND North Carolina
9. Spend a summer in Paris
10. Grow my own vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

If only I had the money to actually accomplish any of these.

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