Sunday, August 30, 2009

15 Things my mother has taught me

My mother always says, that her job is to prepare me for adulthood. I haven't always taken her advice to heart, more often I put the information she shares in the back of my head with the rest of the "Mom's nagging" pile. But as I get older, and closer to being on my own, I've taught myself to take these little pieces of information and put them to use. Thank you mom, for instilling these qualities and life lessons in me, as much as it has annoyed me over the past years.

Whatever you do, do it right the first time.

If you've made a commitment, you must follow through, no matter how hard it may be.

It's okay to nap during the day if you need it.

Never turn your tires when you're in the middle of the street waiting to turn on yellow. If you get hit from behind, you'll veer into the wrong lane of traffic.

Put meat tenderizer on a bee sting.

If you tell the truth in the first place, the punishment will be less severe than if you'd lied.

One wrong decision can change the rest of your life.

When things are looking bad, things can only get better.

If you've made your soup too salty, put in a slice of potato.

No matter what you've done, your family will always love you and support you.

Your picture's don't have to be in perfect focus for it to be a good photograph.

Learn from your mistakes.

Pray before every single meal.

You can never take back your virginity once it's gone, so save it for the right person. ( I wish I had listened to this one.)

Your mother is not your friend, but a teacher, a confidant, a supporter, and a nurturer.

Thank you mom, for all you do. For everything I've messed up, you've been there to pick up the pieces. And I know that through the hardtimes and goodtimes you will always be there to back me up.

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