Thursday, May 28, 2009

Delicious Ciabatta Pepper Sandwich

During a weekend trip to our cabin in Hayward, Wisconsin, I had the opportunity to eat a wonderful Ciabatta Pepper Sandwich at a nearby restaurant. It was absolutely delicious, and, too shy to ask for the recipe, decided to make my own, with my own twist! Ciabatta Pepper Sandwich with avocado spread... It actually turned out better than I had planned (or hoped for) so I'm going to share it with you =]

Ciabatta Pepper Sandwich

One Ciabatta Roll (.99 cents at target in the bakery corner!)
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Plain Yogurt
Balsamic Vinegar

Line a funnel with two layers of cheese cloth, and place in a container large enough to hold up the funnel. Scoop two tablespoons of plain (not vanilla!!) yogurt into the cheese cloth. Fold the edges over the top of the yogurt, and place a heavy can on top, to drain the liquid. Set aside.

Slice 1/4 of the red pepper, green pepper, tomato, and onion to taste. (Should be 1/4 cup or so each). Chop half of one garlic clove and slice two small mushrooms (baby bellas are great).

Heat a skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil, remember: Hot pan/cold oil, food won't stick. Put all of the vegetables into the skillet, and pour in about 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar. Turn down the heat, and cover with the pans lid, leaving slightly ajar.

While the veggies are cooking: Squeeze as much liquid out of the yogurt as possible, and place in a bowl. Cut 1/4 of the avocado, and smash well with the yogurt. Add just enough lemon juice as well as lemon zest to taste. Set aside. You may also add lemon zest to the vegetables now, it adds a wonderful under-taste!

Slice the ciabatta roll. Depending on the size, you can cut it just in half, or in fourths, for two sandwiches. Brush each side with olive oil, and sprinkle dried rosemary on top. Place on the grill for 2-3 minutes, each side, to toast.

The vegetables are done when the balsamic vinegar has reduced and the veggies are tender. Spread on end of the Ciabatta bread with the avocado spread, and spoon your veggies and sauce on to your roll. Enjoy!

Not only is this super filling, and tastes great, but only around 400 calories! Sounds like a fantastic lunch or dinner to me!

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